Welcome to a new online service software!

Perfect Service is the leading service of after-sales services, which allows users to record their after-sales service information and extract their reports based on which their information is secured High up all over the internet. Opportunities to Internet users and Internet business owners. Perfect service to conduct transactions on the Internet to the ideal level!.

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About System

About System

Perfect Service presents unique features for Business and Personal accounts.

While using Perfect Service system one can do the following:
  • Repair of home appliances, car, mobile ...
  • Connection of after-sales service to the warehouse
  • Has tabular and graphical reports
  • View KPI reports online
  • Applicable to home computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Reliability, speed and security are very high

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Software specifications

Software specifications

To improve business, you need to use the right tools.

The best tool for this is the use of appropriate, comprehensive and reliable software.

The software we provide are:

Warehouse software Warehouse software

With the warehouse software you can classify your goods (product, piece), you can define and value your goods in different warehouses. Have a variety of pricing options Define the location for each item in each warehouse Define product tree for goods Have a single inventory report for each item in each store...

Sale Software Sale Software

Using our software, you can easily sell your merchandise and invoice it for your customers. Sell your products as a basket.
Cash and non-cash sales
Define different customers
Use discounts and sales tax for products

After Sales Services After Sales Services

You can use after-sales service software:
Record customer information
Record customer product information
Record the type of failures and failures announced by the customer
Register product crash codes
Record the consumables for the product
Refer it to your technicians and follow it up
Record the fees and services provided to the customer.

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Software functionality

Benefits of Software with Technical View

Simple and user-friendly interface simplified over the years in organizations and companies

Learning is very simple and easy for new users

The speed of data recording in network and web environments

Use of data-coded technologies in the data medium for more secure data from organizations and companies

Provides various outputs for reports in Excel, Word, Text, Crystal Reports and more.

Keep their data and display online instantly in a volume of more than 10 million records in one table

Using a relational and normalized database in the database and their association in the database to enhance the reporting capability and lower volume of databases to increase the speed of data access, easy support, and permanent base online Data and less need for database support by users

Ability to back up the database on a daily basis without the need for users

Highly accurate accuracy in computing and network and web mode

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Software functionality